DIY Christmas Scene Ornament

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The holiday season is upon us, and everyone is busy with holiday parties and shopping. It is also a time for creating fun holiday decor! I love to go to various stores and look at all the Christmas decor, and I often find myself thinking I could make that! And this is how I decided to put together the Christmas Scene ornament! In the stores they were about $20 at least for each one. But if you are making more than one, it is only about $5-$10 depending on the tiny treasure you choose. I created this Christmas Scene ornament with my oldest son. It was relatively easy although I had to help him with the glue gun, and I did some of the exacto knife cutting.

Materials needed:

Clear Plastic Ornament Balls

Exacto Knife


Metallic Pipe Cleaner

Tiny Treasure items from Michaels

Fake Snow

Glue Gun

White acrylic paint

First cut a 3 inch in diameter circle in the cardboard, and then I would use the cardboard circle to measure the size of circle you want to cut out of the bottom of the plastic ball ornament. You want the circle in the bottom of the ornament to be slightly smaller than the card board circle, so that the cardboard circle will act as a new bottom to the plastic ornament. Once you feel like you have the right measurements and circles cut, then you would paint the cardboard circle white. Once the paint has dried, I would place our tiny treasure items you bought from Micheal’s on the cardboard circle and then put the plastic ornament on top, just to see how our ornament will look and make sure everything fits.

After finalizing placement of your tiny treasure items, glue the snow, and tiny treasure items into place on the cardboard circle with a glue gun. Then place the plastic ornament over the cardboard circle, and use the glue gun to attach the cardboard to the plastic ornament. Make sure it is not too thick, but enough to make sure the cardboard circle is glued well to the ornament ball. Then glue metallic pipe cleaner around the bottom of the ornament between the cardboard circle and the plastic ornament. The metallic pipe cleaner with the glue will help to solidify the attachment of ornament to cardboard circle, and it will provide a pretty border.

Then hang your ornament or give as a gift!

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Happy Holidays-Hallie

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