Dino-Mite Birthday Party Extravaganza!

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dinosaur party and Dino-mite extravaganza

I love to host parties, but I can’t afford to have a party planner put every together for me. However, I want my parties to look like a party planner planned the whole thing. So what do I do? I spend hours scouring the internet in search of the perfect invitations, party decor, favors and activities. And I am going to give you all ideas of from those hours of scouring the internet in search of the perfect Dinosaur party that I put together was for my son’s birthday. Below are all the “ingredients” you need to have a Dino-Mite Birthday Party Extravaganza.

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First, I always start with an invitation, and I let the invitation determine the decor and the party activities. The invitation above is one of my own design’s on zazzle, and you can clink on the image above to find it.

I went for a very tropical look with my dinosaur theme with lots of dinosaurs and lots of tropical leaves!

dino-mite birthday party, dinosaur birthday party

Table decor:

Green tropical leaves can be purchased at amazon in this embedded link.

Gold tropical leaves at amazon.

Tropical monstera leaves as places mat on Amazon.

Paper plates, napkins, favor boxes which match the invitations can be purchased from zazzle

Plush dinosaur tails from Oriental Trading company

Dinosaur terrariums centerpieces for the table:

Glass containers which I had around the house from flower arrangements. If you don’t have any you can purchase them at the vase market in bulk.

Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint which you can purchase at our local hardware store, Michaels or at amazon

Sand which can be purchased at ace hardware or Home Depot

Tropical leaves purchased from Amazon.

First, spray paint the dinosaurs and let dry for about 24 hours. Then, fill the vase about halfway with sand and add the dinosaurs once they are dry, and you can also put in some of the tropical leaves I listed above.

To make the caves, I have instructions in another post here.

To further create a dinosaur land atmosphere, I used a lot of long tropical leaves which I hung up around the house, and I purchased these large blow up dinosaurs from amazon. They were so much fun to place throughout the house.

Package of seven inflatable dinosaurs

Finally there are the dinosaur kid activities for dino-mite birthday party:

Dino-mite dinosaur party kid activity

Dino-dig was a huge hit with the kids. Boy and girls alike loved this activity. I included both rock and mineral collection and real dinosaur fossils from Dancing Bears on Amazon. I put them in sand which I purchased from ace hardware and also used in table decor. And I also purchased large buckets from ace hardware as well, and the kids used shovels and sand sifters. The great thing about this activity is the kid’s could take home what they found as party favors! The Dancing Bears collections also included charts where kids could identify the different rock, mineral and dinosaur fossils. So it was a great learning activity as well!

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