Pretty golden leaves for Table Setting

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Thanksgiving is a time for enjoying a wonderful meal with relatives and friends! And it is one of the few holidays where you can show off your culinary skills and beautiful table settings.

And the great thing about the latest project is that your children are able to get involved in the table setting experience. My son loved this activity because it not only involved painting but also going outdoors to search for leaves. And you can do this with any kind of leaf. We decided to do dried maple leaves. But you could do it with any leaf.

Here is what is needed:

Dried leaves which you can usually find during this time of year on the ground. You should pick the same number of leaves which you can use for each person at Thanksgiving.

Gold acrylic paint

Paint Brush

Gold Metallic thin cord

Sharpie fine point pin

Kraft labels from amazon or natural linen material which you can buy from a fabric store ( cut linen in rectangles 1/2 inch buy 1-2 inches long)

First you would make sure leaves are clean of any debris or dirts, and you can you a slightly damp paper towel to clean the leaf.

Second you paint the leaves front and back, and I would let each side dry before you begin to paint the next side. Also, you might need to paint the leaves with 2-3 coats and you should let each coat dry before you begin a new one. I used old plastic bags to paint the leaves to keep the paint from getting on the table I used for painting.

Then I would use the fine point sharpie pen to write out the names of each guest on the labels.

And next, I would cut the gold metallic cord into about 4-5 inch pieces, and you should cut the same number of strings as you have leaves that will be used for place settings.

Then finally, I would tie the each label to the painted gold leaf for a final place setting name tag.

This is such an easy craft, and it is a great crafts for kids to do with you. They will have fun picking out the leaves, painting them, and then finally joining in on helping to set the Thanksgiving table! My son and I did these leaves 3 years ago, and we are still able to use them. The acrylic paint preserves the leaves so you can use them for many years!

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