DIY Gilded Poinsettia

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DIY gilded poinsettia

This is a great DIY holiday decoration for wrapping holiday packages. I am a horrible present wrapper, so I am always looking for a way to dress up my packages, which I was able to do with this DIY gilded poinsettia. And I love projects where you can involve your children. With this project, my boys helped me gather all the leaves outside, and they even helped with some of the painting of the leaves.


Gold acrylic paint

Dried leaves from outdoors (I used a variety of leaves including maple and birch)

Faux gold berries

Floral kit on Amazon which includes floral tape, thin green floral wire, and thicker wire used for corsages. The kit also includes wire clippers.


Step 1: After gathering your dried leaves, then paint the leaves gold front and back. Once they are dry, use the thinner green wire from our floral kit to wrap around the stems of the painted leaves. I would wrap them on the stem portion and do not wrap them super-tight but enough so they are staying upright and not slipping. If the are too tight it will be difficult to move them around for final placement and the leaves will break off the stems. I have included a picture below.

DIY Gilded poinsettia

Step 2: Once the leaves are wrapped together as above, then wrap the berries into the leaves. I put in 4-6 berries which is 2-3 wires of berries.

Step3: The final step is to wrap the floral table around the leaves, stems, corsage wire (which is not put into place during this step), and wire for berries and stem. Below is what the final product should look like with floral tape.

DIY Gilded Poinsettia

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