Need an activity for kids who are bored ? Build a worm farm.

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activity for kids worm farm

Need something for your kids to do while they are bored at home? Then build a worm farm. This activity is a great S.T.E.M. activity that teaches your kids about composting and only requires supplies that you probably already have in your house.


Larger plastic bottle




Earth worms


  1. First, cut the top of the bottle off, so you have a large opening at the top for dirt, sand, water and fruit and vegetable waste. Next put 3-4 small holes in the bottom of the plastic bottle. Keep the top for later so you can use to close the plastic bottle.
  2. Then put an inch of gravel at the bottom. You will need to add water later to keep the dirt moist for the earth worms, and the gravel will help to filter the water through.
  3. Next add a layer of dirt about one to one and half inch think, and then a half inch layer of sand. Then add an earthworm.Repeat until about an inch from the top.
  4. Drop small amount of fruit and vegetables for the earthworm to eat.
  5. Then use sticky tape to tape the top of the lid.
  6. Keep your worm farm in a place that does not have a lot of light and keep it warm. They hate cold and light. Also, make sure they have a little water every day and add food as needed.
kid activity worm farm

Earthworms create soil. They eat rotting organic matter, and they move around in the ground. They digest it, and then poop out the remains as fertile soil. This poop is called vermicompost or black gold.

My boys loved digging for the earthworms, and then looking at the earthworms everyday to see how they are doing. It has been an activity that has kept them entertained for several and learning while we are stuck at home. And they love to talk about earthworm poop and what it does!

I hope your kids enjoy building a worm farm as well!


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